True Republicans United was founded and organized in Missouri, in November 2017, out of growing concern for the future of the Republican Party and Platform.  

It is with profound concern for the Republican Party and Platform that we wish to bring to your attention the attached opinion from the Cape Girardeau County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


Mr. Swingle, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who served as Cape Girardeau County’s prosecuting attorney for 25 years, is recognized across the state as an authority on constitutional law. 

The Democrat party is imploding and the political winds have changed.  The Democrat party is being taken over by those that are so far left that they subscribe to socialistic and communistic ideologies.  Instead of having the integrity to take a stand against the radical left within the Democrat party, some Democrats are bailing on their own party.  It is far easier to infiltrate the Republican Party and to try to water down and corrupt our Republican platform and ideology.  We cannot allow this to happen!

Of course, many Democrats have money to offer the Republican Party which looks so attractive.


However, all politics is local!  On the local level, money does not necessarily convert to votes.  Local Republicans have a better grasp of who is actually a Republican in their areas than those at the State level.  But local Republicans cannot stop a local Democrat or RINO from filing on the Republican ticket at the State level.  That is the responsibility of the State Party!

Democrats are using the guise that their party has left them; that they have had an epiphany, and see the error of their ways.  They now want to run as Republicans.  When one looks at the ethics reports of some of these persons, who has contributed to them, what their contributions have been, and the leadership roles that some of them have held within the Democrat party, it becomes clear that some of these persons are truly RINOs. 

There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. No matter how you cut it, we really are a two party system.  Third parties seldom get any traction and, therefore, are not really viable.  The only viable party affiliations are Democrat or Republican.

  2. In many states including Missouri, a Republican has been elected Governor.  The governor in 99.9 % of the cases will make political appointments down party lines.  So if you want to be in contention for a political seat that has to be filled by a gubernatorial appointment, you now need to be a Republican.

  3. The electorate has changed and has grown more conservative in many areas.  Areas that historically could be won only by a Democrat now consistently elect Republicans to office.  And the consensus is that this trend will grow and continue.

Allowing Democrats to file as Republicans will only bring a political implosion to the Republican Party and Platform.  When Democrats are allowed to file as Republicans, they primary our good conservative candidates.  More often than not in the general election, the voters’ only choice is between a RINO and a Democrat.  It's a win-win for the Left.  We have a responsibility to our Party, Platform and Constituents to protect our Platform and stop this deceit!

The Republican Party is already burdened with far too many RINOs.  That's why it is so difficult to get anything accomplished in government these days.  They are not trying to join the Republican Party because they support our ideals; in fact, they want to subvert them.  They are joining us because they are nothing more than political opportunist that want an easy road to their own political ambitions.


We are the Republican Party, let's work together to preserve our Platform and ideals. We ask for your support in the coming months as we approach filing season, when we expect an influx of RINOs registering to run on the Republican ticket. We cannot stop them from filing, but we can certainly stop them from filing as Republicans! 


The 2020 presidential election is just around the corner. One man cannot drain the swamp by himself, he needs the election and support of true Republicans.  We can help by draining one local pond at a time.  Know the candidates in your local city and county elections.  Research your ballot issues!

Contact your state and local county Central Committee Representative.  Tell them to stop the deceit!



Thom Artru - President
157 Meadow Ridge Dr.
Troy, Missouri 63379

TRU is designated by the State of Missouri as a domestic not-for-profit organization, and by the MO Ethics Commission as a continuing committee.


The objectives of this organization shall be:


To support the Constitution of the United States, the State of Missouri and our form of government; a Republic.


To foster and encourage the true conservative activities of the Republican Party and to promote those ideals.


To work independently to identify, support, and promote true conservative candidates, elected officials, ballot issues and referendums.


To be an active source of conservative political outreach, independent of any other political influence, or political entity.


To  train people as effective political workers.

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