The following vision for America has been adopted by True Republicans United. 

This is TRU's Republican Platform.  These are the values that we stand for.

  First and foremost...The sanctity of human life.  Nothing is more precious.

  Traditional Family Values.

  The right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

  A strong U.S. military and national defense.

  Border security.

  Oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  Proof of U.S. citizenship upon voter registration.

  Require secure voter photo I.D.

  Citizenship for apportionment of representatives.

  Reducing tax burden.

  Fiscal responsibility and balanced budget.

  Limited Government

  Local control for better education.

  Landowner's rights.

  Repeal Affordable Care Act  "Obamacare"

  We support national sovereignty.   Make America Great Again!

  We support Israel's sovereignty.

© 2018  All rights reserved.  Paid for by True Republicans United, Joe Rekart, Treasurer

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