Make America Great Again!


Help TRU make a difference.


First and foremost...VOTE!  Don't stay home, every vote counts, especially in local elections.  


Then volunteer...there are many ways to help, from walking door to door

to hosting fundraising events or driving sign posts.

Donate:  Political campaigns are costly.  


A great way to help a local candidate is to host a house party.  It can be as simple as inviting your friends over for coffee and donuts. Personal introductions and conversations with the candidate allows voters to size the candidate up for themselves.

First time candidates  are usually more comfortable in an informal setting, on a more intimate stage.

Some of the best people putting themselves out there are not public speakers or politicians.  Help them get their message out.


There are so many ways to help a candidate get elected.  Volunteering to help with their campaign can take any number of forms...

Knocking on doors

Distributing literature

Putting out signs

Stuffing envelopes

Making phone calls

Parade walking

Displaying bumper stickers

Putting up flyers

Poll working

Securing sign locations

Organizing events


Make a donation to TRU.  Help us support true Republican candidates.

Checks should be made out to 

True Republicans United

and mailed to:

True Republicans United

42 Riverboat Dr.

St. Peters, MO 63376

MO Ethics Guidelines require that you include with your donation your Name, Mailing Address, and Employer or Occupation.

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